Hey there! I'm Jackson.
I am a
fullstack developer
Polydict is a multilingual reference dictionary for language learners, polyglots, and word nerds. Customize the app to the languages that you are interested in, and then search and find translations with one simple interface. Currently features over 1,700,000 words in 7 of the world's most popular languages. Try it on iOS, Android, or web. 
Web Projects
Work that I've done on and for the web.
A simple library for Node and the browser that allows you to rapidly develop stateful, socketed multiplayer games and web applications.  See more
A highly customizable package for fetching and parsing podcast feeds into simple and manageable JavaScript objects.  See more
The Part
A dialogue tree parsing package that creates interactive, branching text adventures.  See more
Game projects that I've developed.
A hilarious card-matching party game where you and your friends write the cards, interpret the matches, and vote for your favorites.  See more
Close Quarters
A chaotic, colorful, retro-inspired multiplayer strategy game. Position your defenses, place your units, and watch the simulation play out.   See more
Road Game
A tile-placing game similar to Carcassonne. Take turns placing tiles and create closed road systems.  See more
Audio Projects
Audio work I've done as an audio engineer, podcast producer, and sound designer.
Bierfeldt Audio
My audio production company that provides production, recording, and editing services for podcast and radio.  See more
Vox Podcasts
Worked as a producer on several Vox podcasts, including The Ezra Klein Show, Future Perfect, and The Weeds.  See more
The Republic of Dreams
Created sound designs for multimedia, audio-driven installation piece showcased around the world.  See more
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